Breeds of chickens: Valenciana de Chulilla

Breeds of chickens: Valenciana de Chulilla

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Spanish breed in danger of extinction.

The name of the breed is given by the municipality of Chulilla (Los Serranos region), from which it originates, belonging to the Valencian Community. The first bibliographical references, in which Valencian touring type of Mediterranean type are mentioned, date back to the beginning of the 20th century.
Geographical distribution: coincides with the different regions of the three Valencian provinces, as well as the areas bordering the province of Cuenca and, to a lesser extent, that of Guadalajara and Teruel.

Eggs with creamy white shell.

Morphological characteristics

Black plumage with silver cape.
They have a fairly large, elongated and wide head. They have lively eyes, well positioned and mainly honey and orange in color, black in color and with ivory color variations. The crest is red, large, simple and with 5-6 teeth. Long, oval and bright red wattles. White mumps with red and oval reflections. The face is bright red.

Medium weight:
- Roosters 1.95 to 2.9 kg
- Hens 1.65 to 2.5 kg

Valenciana de Chulilla (photo

Valenciana de Chulilla (photo

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