Atlas of Pheasants: genus Tragopan

Atlas of Pheasants: genus Tragopan

Scientific classification - Tragopan spp.

Kingdom: Animals
Phylum: Cordati
Subphylum: Vertebrates
Class: Birds
Order: Galliformi
Family: Phasianides
Genus: Tragopan

Group of pheasants with marked sexual dimorphism: the males have a colorful plumage while the females have more dull but still elegant tones. High mountain birds with arboreal habits originate from the southeast of the Asian continent. They are Pheasants who do not suffer from the cold, but from the heat. Their name derives from the Greek "tragos", goat, and "pan", the Greek divinity.

Morphological characteristics

Squat-shaped animals, the males have two erectile fleshy growths in the shape of small horns on the sides of the head which are visible only in the mating period, so much so that the tragopani are called precisely "Pheasants with croissants". The females of the genus are very similar to each other, and this has often led to the breeding of the various species on the farms.

Male Temmink tragopano in wedding parade (photo

Tragopano Satyr male (photo

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