Pigeon breeds: Modenese under counter

Pigeon breeds: Modenese under counter

Origin and economic characteristics

The colum Sottobanca Modenese, (once also called Grosso Emiliano) is medium to large in size, in the recent past very bred, together with its crossbreeds (bastardoni) as meat pigeon in industrial breeding, before the advent of American meat breeds (King, Texan).
The origin of its name derives from the fact that raised under the arcades, these pigeons brooded on the ground under the "banks" on which the farmers kept the sacks of cereals (etymologically under the bench).
It is very docile and does not go far from hospitalizations, but has a quarrelsome character with the conspecifics with which it engages in struggles for the domination of the best nest.

Morphological characteristics

Big size; average weight 800-1.100 gr. Characteristic is the well-turned and compact shell around the head, consisting of 5-6 orders of feathers forming a double or triple semicircle protruding about 1cm. Big head a little flat. Red orange or yellow eyes, and vetch (totally black) in the white variety. Bright red eyelids, rather large beak and white caruncles. Close-fitting wings resting on the slightly raised tail. The tip of the remiges must reach 4 cm from the tip of the medium-long, wide tail, consisting of 12-14 helmsman. Slender, thick neck, wide chest and back, low and closed shoulders. Short, naked and flesh-red tarsi. The colors of the livery are: black (dark), red, yellow (caldano), white and ice-colored granite (magnano). The magnano color is so called because of the similarity of the color with the dirty apron of the tin foil, who used to fix buckets and copper pots (figure of the rural Emilia-Romagna tradition, in the dialect of magnano). The magnano color changes with age and tends to become darker. Other important colors for the selective purposes of the main colors are the so-called bearer coats. Brown or dark stone. Sauro di moro: a red subject born from a pair of blacks, which features smoke gray under-pad and back. Magnan black: a black subject that derives from magnan subjects and that differs from the dark p.d. for the presence of black traces on the beak and nails. As part of this it is possible to highlight subjects that have some white feathers on the head. Mascherino if male nun if female. Carrier cloaks cannot be judged at performances.
In France, the Italian Sottobanca was selected from Italian subjects crossed with other breeds with its own morphological standard and a richer range of colors.

Colombo Sottobanca Caldano - Colombo Sottobanca Magnano (photo website)

Colombo Sottobanca Magnano (photo

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