Wildlife in Italy: Moretta Aythya fuligula

Wildlife in Italy: Moretta Aythya fuligula

Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Birds
Order: Anseriformes
Family: Anatidi
Kind: Aythya
Species: A. fuligula L.

Diving duck. The tufted duck nests from the British Isles to all of northern and eastern Europe, to Asia. It is difficult to migrate to the equator.

Tufted duck (male left, female right)

Moretta (photo

Distinctive characters

The weight varies from 600-1000 grams beak shorter than the head, short wings and tail, grayish legs. The wedding livery of the male is black with violet reflections except on the lower white sides, a tuft of black feathers on the head. The slate colored beak has a black apex. The female has a brown color, lighter hips, a light spot at the apex of the beak than a blackboard gray, shorter neck tuft. The eclipse plumage of the male similar to the female. Both have yellow iris.


It prefers coastal and inland bodies of water but rich in vegetation. In Italy it is two-step, sometimes it nests in Puglia. It can fly in regular and irregular formations. She is a good walker, excellent swimmer and diver.
During the hours of dusk and morning he searches for food of both animal and vegetable origin.
It is gregarious, the female lays 5-12 eggs ranging in color from pale green to greenish gray, broods for 23-26 days and takes care of the young, the nests are close to the water. After hatching, the male brides with other males.
During the hatching the territoriality is scarce in fact more females can hatch in the same nest.
It is the most common diving duck, it is also called the golden-eyed duck, when eating it can dive up to 5-6 m.

curated by Sauro Giannerini

Video: Tufted Duck, Moretta Aythya fuligula (December 2021).